Yes, that’s what I used to call my sissy fetish, a curse. It took me a long time before I knew what I wanted and how to deal with this fetish. I got ''cursed'' when I was 16 or 17 years old. As a young teenager I was overweight and had no confidence; kids would bully me at school because of it. 

But it didn't matter because after school I had my computer games to lose myself to. That’s how I would spend most of my free time, just a regular teenager playing games behind his computer. I must admit, not just games though... I had also started to take an interest into.... girls!... and I joined chat-sites now and then, chatting with girls. 

I wanted a girlfriend really bad but I got rejected a lot of times because of my weight. Until I met a girl who called herself ''Lien'' online. Lien is a Dutch girls name; Lien was really nice to me and we talked a lot on messenger. But on one evening, she ''cursed'' me. At least I think she was a girl. The only thing I know is that she had a profile picture that had a very hot girl in it. It might have also been a guy... This is how our conversation went that day on messenger. 


Lien: Hi!!! 

Me: Hi!!! How are you? 

Lien: Good thnx 

Me: So... Do you want to play some games? 

Lien: I got something else in mind... do you have a webcam? I want to see you.  

Me:  Ummm yeah I do... but... (Lien has sent a request to video chat and I accepted.)  

Me: Can I see you too? (I accepted the Webcam request) 

Lien: Oh no... I think my webcam broke...but you are so hot!!!  

Me:  You think so? (I felt amazing receiving compliments from a hot girl)... 

Lien:  Yes!! You are hot!! Hey wanna play a game? Truth or dare?! I’ll start!  Truth. 

Me: (I don't remember what question I asked her, but she answered back. And now it was my turn, I said dare!) 

Lien: Okay I dare you to go nude! I want to see you naked, see how big you are! you are so hot!! 

Me: I'm not sure... if I should... …  

Lien: Oh gosh you're a pussy.... okay never mind byeeeeeeee  

Me: Wait!! Okay okay fine!! Stay please, hold on... 

Lien: Omg you are so hot you turn me on so much! play with yourself! 

Me: Okay, like this? 

Lien: Hmmm yeah stroke that dick for me. 

Me: Oh hmm I wish I could see you too!! 

Lien: (Lien has sent you a file: nude1.png) (Lien has sent you a file: nude2.png) (Lien has sent you a file: nude3.png)  

Me: What did you do??? Why did you take pictures of me? Delete those! (I closed my webcam)  

Lien: I'm going to show them to your friends on the chat-site where we met!! Unless you promise to be my bitch, put your webcam back on and tell me that you are my bitch or I swear I will do it! 

Me: I am your bitch...please don’t show anyone 

Lien: I need to go now, something came up, your dick is tiny by the way, talk to you later bitch!  

[Lien went offline] 


I couldn’t believe this happened to me. I ran upstairs to the bathroom and stared at myself in the mirror for a long time. 

“What have I done!?...” 

But the feeling I experienced there, was something I was going to chase for a long time. The mixed feeling of being scared and turned on at the same time. THAT’S what I called the curse. The curse made me crave being a slave.  

That night I didn’t sleep, I kept staring at my computer screen; hoping she would log on... She did the next day, and the day after… and she made me do so much embarrassing stuff on my webcam: I had to dance naked for her, I had to jump around bouncing my little dick, she made me write all kinds of nasty words on my body... and even though I had no choice, I enjoyed it more and more. She had so many pictures of me now... so many videos...  well I still hope it was a she.... I have never gotten any proof of that.  

Every day after school, I played computer games, but when Lien came online, I had to obey her.... 

After being her bitch for about 6 months, she suddenly disappeared. 

Chapter 1 : The curse