Chapter 5 : Not so lucky after all

So, she pulled down my boxers and looked at my small dick, locked in a chastity cage. She paused. She didn't know what to say, she looked at me, and I looked at her. Both waiting for each other to say something,

She said.... “What the fuck...”

I said, “I am so so so sorry, I can't get it off!! I searched for the key everywhere but I think I lost it!!!” (Obviously that was a lie, I gave the key to my ex about a year ago and she just didn't give it back.)

She had a look of disgust on her face.

After another long pause she said. “Oh well, if it is that small it’s better to keep it on anyway”

My face turned red.

She jumped off me, and started to pick up her clothes and get dressed, she was leaving.

I knew she would definitely spread rumors about this around where we worked.

So, I started begging, “Please don't leave, please, I really like you. Please don't tell the guys at work…”

She said, “Why shouldn't I??? look at your small dick, locked up in that silly cage, that is pathetic”

I just kept begging. “Please... calm down... please.”

She looked at me and her eyebrows raised. She had the look on her face like she just had an amazing idea, I didn't trust it.

She said, “Okay! But I want the keys of that pathetic cage!”

I said fine, but I need to search for them.

“NOW!” she yelled.

I started searching, pretending I still had the key somewhere, but of course my search had no success.

While I was searching, I was still naked. And she just stood there, watching me. When I turned around, I saw that she had her phone in her hand. And the phone made the sound of taking a picture, more than once. She had nudes of me in chastity now.

I looked at her surprised while she took the pictures. And she said “One wrong move, and everyone knows.”

I could not believe this was happening.

She's so beautiful, so attractive, and she's bossing me around in my apartment. I was kind of enjoying it.

Eventually I gave up searching for the key.

She told me that I'm going to have to sleep on the sofa, and that tomorrow we were going to the nearest sex shop, buy a new cage and snap this lock. I couldn't get any words out of my mouth.

I just said “Hmmm...” and nodded yes. We said goodnight and went to bed.


The next day, we woke up and she wondered why I hadn’t made her breakfast. I told her I'm sorry and that I would go get breakfast for her.

After breakfast, we went to the adult store. This store had a lot of different choices for cages. I don't like being in an adult store, it's embarrassing, but she had no problems with it whatsoever. She walked in like she owned the place, he walked up to the chastity cages right away like she knew where they were. She grabbed a pink small HolyTrainer and used my money to pay for it.

We drove to her parent's place, and inside the garage, she told me to look for tools to snap the lock. She locked the garage door and I got to work. I eventually figured out how to break the lock. I did it, and when she returned, I showed her the cage.


Once we got back to my place, the first thing I had to do was lay down on my back on the sofa. She pulled down my pants. And she started to put the cage on me that she bought. I asked her not to do it, I started to protest.

She got up, she pulled down her pants, and got rid of her panties.

She said, “Look at how hot I am, don't you want to be my boyfriend? Don't you want this ass?”

She took both of her hands and she spreads her ass cheeks right in front of me. I could see both of her very cute tiny pink girly holes. I started to forget about the cage.

She climbed on top of me and with my last strength I said “Please, no cage” but she got so close to me, and she pressed her ass right in my face.

It smelled like heaven

It tasted like heaven...

She said, “That’s a good boy, don't think too much just have fun”

I could feel her putting on my cage, but I wasn't focused on that, I was focused on kissing and licking her ass.

As soon as the cage got on, she jumped back up and she puts her clothes back on.

“There's a good boy, now smile for another selfie”

I was so turned on by her. I smiled in the camera.


Another nude of me in a pink chastity cage on her phone.

Then she said, “Alright, get up. we have work to do”