Makes or breaks your look.

Wigs are also very important. I wasted allot of money buying wigs that did not look great on me. I hope this information prevents you from doing the same thing.
Please keep in mind, that everything on this site is just my opinion based on my experiences.

Don't buy bad quality or ''cheap'' wigs

It is very difficult to know all the terms and different type of wigs to know the difference between a good and a bad one. But most of the time, just by looking at the picture you can tell allot.
As you can see, the blonde wig to the left doesn't look like real hair.
It is way too shiny, almost gold even. And the hair doesnt look natural at all.
It is clear thats a bad quality wig. Often bad quality wigs are also sold at very cheap prices. Don't waste money for wigs you can buy in carnaval stores. 
You better save up a little bit more for a wig that will make you feel good.

Make sure to not buy a wig that exposes your forhead too much.

We have a bigger forhead then natural females. I really don't like wearing wigs that don't have bangs. They just give me a very unnatural look.
Maybe they work for you, but there is a big chance you are just like me.
I would not buy a wig like this if it is your first one. Maybe later you can start to experiment with different styles.

Example of a good wig

This wig has bangs, looks real and pretty.
You can clearly see the difference in style and quality. 
These are the wigs you are looking for.
You should not invest into a wig with real human hair.
The price for a real human hair wig compared to others is not worth it.
This wig will probably cost between 50-75 euro. 
If this would be real hair, you would like at a price tag of 300-500 euro.

Example of a good wig in another style

Another example of a great wig in a different style.
I buy my wigs at a dutch store. I'm not sure if they ship to your country, but you can have a look at their store. I don't get anything out of advertising for them.